How does this work?

Video for Causes, (also known as Video4Causes), is a better, new way to help worthy causes raise support. The problem that many causes have is that they do not know how to reach donors, or how to communicate their message when they do. Video for Causes connects professional grade video producers with causes, without cost to the cause(s). Video producers volunteer their time and expertise as a part of their ministry. In other words, we form a collaboration between the ministries of the Empowered Kingdom, the producers, and the cause(s). By helping all three, we can become more effective as a whole, and can help more people and causes. 85% of the donations received through this collaboration is passed on to the causes. The other 15% is received as a donation to help the ministries involved.

Are you a non-profit?

Not in the sense of a 501c3. The Empowered Kingdom is an unincorporated ministry. Projects are run on a private membership basis, which means that participation is conditional on membership. Please note that we do not advise on tax matters. However, as a ministry that would fall under the 508c1a category of the IRS tax code, your donations may be considered to be tax deductible. You should speak to your tax specialist about this.

Why do a portion of donations received go to the video producer?

As a part of the ministry of the Empowered Kingdom's video producers offer their time and expertise on a "pay-it-forward" basis, as their ministry to help people and causes. If the cause is able to raise funds as a result of their voluntary ministry and service, a portion is shared with the video producer to support the video producer's ministry, so that they can continue to work that helps others, and their causes. If no donations are received, nobody gets anything.

1 Timothy 5:18 states, "Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain,” and, “The worker is worthy of his wages.”

In other words, our objective is to help both the cause, and the people (the video producers), who help the cause to get the help it needs.

Why are some cause's contact details hidden?

Unfortunately, in some cases this is necessary for their protection. This is especially true when they live in dangerous circumstances and environments that are plagued by corruption.

What if I have more questions?

Fill in the form below to send us a message. We will review your message, and respond as soon as possible, if it is necessary.