Does Your Cause Need Help?

We understand that many people are caught off guard when tragedy strikes. When life happens, the most important thing can be to get your call for help out to the world in the clearest way possible, and this is where we come in. We create a collaboration between quality video producers and causes to help build awareness and raise funds.


Video4Causes is a ministry project of the Empowered Kingdom.

Although many causes are worth supporting, they often struggle to make their needs known. In many cases there is a lack of technical expertise. In other cases the people in need are overwhelmed by the demands of the situation. As an example, flood victims need to think about surviving first. In cases like this, the victims simply do not have the time or resources to produce videos to get the word out. This ministry is designed to help in such situations, by inviting video producers to help tell the cause's story in the best way possible.

People resonate with stories.
​Help us tell the most important stories of all.

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